Q: What is DIY linen and red carpet hire?

A: This is the cheapest way of hiring because you 'Do it yourself'. You put the linen on and roll out the red carpet. As easy as that.

Q: Do I have to wash or iron the linen?

A: No, all linen is laundered and pressed before being delivered to your door.

Q: What is the minimum I can order?

A: There is no minimum order. Every hire is treated in the same manner, no matter how big or small.

Q: Can I get a sample of sash colours?

A: Yes, we have samples of most colours. Just let us know what colour you are interested in and we will post it to you.

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Just request a Booking form for you to complete and send back to us.

     We will then email you an invoice for a bond payment which will secure your booking.

Q: When will the linen be delivered?

A: For weekend functions, delivery is made on Thursday or Friday before your event and then picked up the following

     Monday or Tuesday, all at a time convenient to you.

Q: Can I collect and drop back the linen?

A: Yes you can. We are located South of the River.

Q: How do I put the linen on?

A: We demonstrate how to fit the chair covers, tie the sashes, and fit the table skirting.

      A diagram is also included with your hire.

Q: How long does it take to fit the chair covers and sashes?

A: It takes about one hour for two people to fit 100 chair covers and sashes.